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Be Unique. Be UniFirst.

We are now accepting applications for LEAP 2020 at the below locations. Click to apply now!

LEAP Program Structure

An 18-month rotational Leadership Development Program designed to groom high-potentials into future managers at UniFirst. As a cohort, Associates will be exposed to a blend of leadership education, operational knowledge, and hands-on business experience within the industrial laundry and facility services industry!

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  • Virtual and In-person Classes

    Continuous learning is at the core of the LEAP Program.

    Associates rotate through cycles of classroom and online training at various UniFirst training locations.

    In-person classes are facilitated by the Program Manager, Executive Leadership, and field experts.

    Online learning may consist of interactive self-studies, readings, blogs, Ted Talks, and virtual classes via Skype or video conference.

  • Operational Area Experience

    Hands-on experience is the best way to learn!

    Perform the key responsibilities of the Team Partners who would work for you to better understand their challenges when you become a manager.

    You will also learn and execute the managerial tasks in each of the operational areas.

  • Learn and practice Leadership

    Theory and Practice helps you discover leadership techniques to apply to real world situations.

    Use critical thinking skills, good business management practices, and techniques to engage, empower, and develop your team.

    Capitalize on the industry experience of our current leaders who facilitate leadership sessions and make themselves available for informal discussions.

  • Personal Development

    Personal development is as important as professional growth.

    Developing interpersonal skills, enhancing both written and presentation capabilities, understanding and refining your Emotional Intelligence, engaging and motivating others, and using critical thinking tools are all interwoven into the learning environment of LEAP.

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Hear from some of the past LEAP Associates in the Leadership Development Program.

Next LEAP Training Locations

We are excited to announce our next LEAP Leadership Program training sites.

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  • Cincinnati

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Our Cincinnati location employs 120 Team Partners, five of which are U.S. Military Veterans. Among the Team Partners, the longest tenure at this location is 34 years! The Cincinnati location also serves approximately 1,500 happy customers.

    With a customer-centric culture, they exemplify UniFirst’s founding core values: Customer Focus, Respect for Others, and a Commitment to Quality. UniFirst Cincinnati is also very proud that they won Mentor of the Year 2018!

    Fun Fact: Cincinnati is home to America's oldest baseball team!

  • San Antonio

    San Antonio, Texas

    Our UniFirst San Antonio location is home to 111 Team Partners, including four U.S. Military Veterans, and services 4,500 customers! At least three different languages are spoken here: English, Spanish, and American Sign Language!

    This location has been involved in numerous community events including Habitat for Humanity, the San Antonio Military Campaign, and the San Antonio Food Bank. They are also actively involved in serving their community by volunteering at their local food bank and homeless shelter. Not convinced on the culture yet? The longest tenured Team Partner at this location is 47 years!

    Fun Fact: San Antonio is the most visited city in Texas and is the 7th largest city in the U.S.A!

  • Raleigh-Durham

    Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

    Our award-winning Raleigh-Durham UniFirst location works together to get the job done servicing nearly 4,000 customers! This location has been recognized for following the Customer's For Life* philosophy and has received numerous awards including the Silver Safety Award*.

    UniFirst Raleigh-Durham houses 111 Team Partners, including two U.S. Military Veterans, four President's Club* Award winners, and one Aldo Croatti Award* recipient. Team Partners at this location speak at least three different languages including English, Spanish, and French.

    Fun Fact: The barcode was pioneered in Durham’s Research Triangle Park. The very first item scanned was a 10-pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit chewing gum!

    *Aldo Croatti Award: Able to retain 100% of their customers during a fiscal year

    *Customer’s for Life Philosophy: Provide exceptional customer service so that our customers stay Customers for Life

    *President's Club: Award for achieving outstanding sales performance goals

    *Silver Safety Award: Commitment to the safety of Team Partners and Customers

  • Tampa

    Tampa, Florida

    Our award-winning Tampa location always strives to be the best that they can be! Tampa earned many awards such as the Star Revenue - Star Contribution* award four years in a row, 2018 Most Improved Plant, and many more. Tampa prides themselves on being a collaborative location that works well together!

    The Tampa location houses over 100 UniFirst Team Partners, including seven U.S. Military Veterans. The longest tenure at the Tampa plant is 33 years! The Tampa plant is a very diverse location, where both English and Spanish are widely spoken.

    Fun Fact: Tampa is home to the world's longest continuous sidewalk and the temperature has never reached above 100 degrees!

    *Star Revenue - Star Contribution: awarded to locations that have exceeded their goal for budgeted revenue and contribution

  • Pontiac

    Pontiac, Michigan

    Our UniFirst Pontiac location houses 88 Team Partners, including one U.S. Military Veteran! There are at least three different languages spoken (English, Spanish, and Arabic) and the longest tenured Team Partner is 41 years! The Pontiac plant works together to service over 1700 customers.

    The Pontiac team provides support to other UniFirst locations by serving as an office training location for their region. UniFirst Pontiac prioritizes giving back to the community with programs like "Adopt a Family" during the holiday season.

    Fun Fact: Madonna grew up in Pontiac!

  • Montreal

    Montreal, Canada

    Our UniFirst Montreal location houses approximately 150 Team Partners and services 2,000 customers! This location also has multiple Aldo Croatti* and President's Club* Award winners.

    What is unique about the Montreal plant is that it is one of the only UniFirst plants whose primary language is French and secondary language is English.

    UniFirst Montreal sponsors a local college hockey team, which is fitting because the first organized hockey team in the world was formed in Montreal in 1879!

    Fun Fact: The city of Montreal produces 85% of the world's maple syrup!

    *Aldo Croatti Award: Able to retain 100% of their customers during a fiscal year

    *President's Club: Award for achieving outstanding sales performance goals

  • Phoenix

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Our UniFirst Phoenix location has been ranked as the top location in its region and the #1 plant for Customers for Life*.

    The Phoenix plant has a very diverse culture, where at least four different languages are spoken (English, Spanish, French, and Arabic!). 118 Team Partners work here and they service a growing customer base of 2,871 customers.

    Fun Fact: Phoenix has 334 days of sunshine every year!

    *Customer’s for Life: Provide exceptional customer service so that our customers stay Customers for Life

  • Stockton

    Stockton, California

    Our Stockton, California plant is home to 120 UniFirst Team Partners and services over 1,100 customers in the area! Five of their Team Partners are U.S. Military Veterans and this plant proudly speaks at least three different languages; English, Spanish, and Cambodian! Among the Team Partners, the longest tenure at this location is 35 years!

    Last year the Stockton location finished #2 in the region in Customer’s for Life* and #2 in the region for Sales. UniFirst Stockton is very proud of these accomplishments and is super excited to participate in the LEAP Program!

    Fun Fact: Stockton, California is the official birthplace of Marvel's Fantastic Four!

    * Customer’s for Life: Provide exceptional customer service so that our customers stay Customers for Life

How Does LEAP Work?

This is a full-time 18-month Leadership Development Program for high potentials seeking a career in management. Upon successful completion of the program, Associates can expect an offer in several entry- to mid-level managerial roles at any of UniFirst’s 250+ locations!

But first, what is your path to this leadership opportunity?

Click below to learn more.

  • Program Acceptance

    Potential Associates can expect to take part in a rigorous interview process which includes a paid customized UniFirst Experience job shadow at a training location and the opportunity to interview with the Executive team!

    After all, we are only seeking the best and brightest to lead the way!

  • During the Program

    Once accepted into this high-touch program, as a cohort, Associates will:

    • Rotate through four operational cycles including:
      1. Service
      2. Production
      3. Sales
      4. Operational Leadership, with a career concentration period
    • Gain hands-on experience in each operational area.
    • Train with experienced Managers.
    • Partake in action learning projects that directly impact the business.
    • Participate in meetings with the Program Manager to receive feedback, mentorship, and personalized development.
    • Reconvene at a UniFirst training location each rotation for an in-depth understanding of our history, core values, and culture while learning from Executive Leadership.
  • Program Benefits

    For the duration of the LEAP Leadership Development Program, Associates will be offered a competitive base salary with a comprehensive benefits package.

    This includes health and dental insurance, 401K with company match, profit sharing, prescheduled vacation time, and then some!

  • Managerial Opportunity

    So, what does a managerial opportunity look like with UniFirst?

    One of our main requirements for joining LEAP is the willingness to relocate upon successful completion of the program. Then Associates will have the opportunity to pursue entry- to mid-level managerial positions throughout the organization.

    These roles may include, but are not limited to:

    • Route Service Manager
    • Route Service Supervisor
    • Stockroom Manager
    • Assistant Production Manager
    • Sales Team Lead
    • Customer Development Rep
    • Office Administrator
    • And more!

We are now accepting applications for LEAP 2020 at the below locations. Click to apply now!