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Payroll Associate - UniFirst


Wilmington, Massachusetts

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The primary mission of the payroll department is to ensure that all Team Partners are paid accurately and timely, and to provide first class customer service wherever there are questions or concerns with Team Partner pay information. The Payroll Associate plays a critical role in performing a wide range of customer service, administrative and operational tasks to ensure the timely execution of payroll operations.

Payroll Administration

  • Triage incoming payroll service tickets and phone calls. Provide guidance on basic payroll questions and assign to the pertinent groups for further research as needed
  • Generate, distribute and review various quality control reports to help detect and prevent errors
  • Make updates to employee personal and job information in the HRIS system (PeopleSoft HCM)
  • Manages log of payroll banking transactions, rejected direct deposits and takes steps necessary to update, correct, and ensure proper reimbursement.
  • Supports Payroll Team in various tasks and projects including but not limited to; scanning paperwork, processing and maintaining payroll documents.

Customer Service

  • Promptly and accurately responds to customer service inquiries via phone call, email or service request
  • Offers guidance to location managers and office administrators on the processing of various payroll tasks
  • Establishes and maintains good relationships will all levels of employee within the company

  • Strong interpersonal skills, well organized and extreme attention to detail are essential.
  • Must have a demonstrated ability to perform analytical tasks.
  • Computer skills including proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Must have strong customer service and communication skills

  • Two to four years of college education in Business Administration/Finance/HR is preferred


  • Problem Solving - Ability to find a solution for or to deal proactively with work-related problems.
  • Organized - Possessing the trait of being organized or following a systematic method of performing a task.
  • Negotiation Skills - Ability to reach outcomes that gain the support and acceptance of all parties.
  • Interpersonal - Ability to work well with a variety of personalities and individuals.
  • Communication, Oral - Ability to communicate effectively with others using the spoken word.
  • Communication, Written - Ability to communicate in writing clearly and concisely.
  • Responsible - Ability to be held accountable or answerable for one’s conduct.
  • Resource Management (People & Equipment) - Ability to obtain and appropriate the proper usage of equipment, facilities, materials, as well as personnel.

UniFirst is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate in hiring or employment against any individual on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, ancestry, religion, physical or mental disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, pregnancy, citizenship, or any other factor protected by anti-discrimination laws


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